Automation: The Future of Rental Tours

Where there is demand, supply follows. As more tenants turn to the internet to look for their next home, multifamily landlords and property management companies must find innovative ways to attract potential renters and streamline their showing process. Automation, tenant management software, self-guided tours and smart digital strategies propel the multifamily industry forward with innovative solutions that adapt to and meet tenants’ demands.

Put simply, if you can eliminate the hassle of showing a property, increase the number of people able to see it at once, and reduce your own workload in the process, everybody wins! To stay ahead, remain competitive, and boost your bottom line in multifamily rentals, it’s important to embrace automation and the future of rental tours.

Keep reading to learn more about how technology can simplify and streamline your scheduling and rental touring process.

Automation: The Future of Rental Tours DashQ

Convenience for the Win

Tenant expectations have evolved. In today’s tech-savvy world, prospective tenants embrace technology to help them find their perfect apartment. To avoid missing out on potential renters (and the opportunities that come with them!), leasing professionals must meet the diverse needs of tenants. With the right software, multifamily landlords can provide a convenient and online-friendly customer service experience that all tenants will appreciate.

“Every tenant is unique. The more effectively leasing professionals can answer questions and increase availability outside traditional business hours, the better they can engage prospective tenants and provide unparalleled customer service. Prompt responsiveness and flexibility is a crucial touchpoint in tenant satisfaction and retention.” – Zev Kershman, Lead – Product & Commercialization at DigiRealty Technologies Inc.

Cut the busy work and back and forth out of tenant scheduling. With DashQ’s Smart Scheduler, leasing reps can seamlessly connect with leads and schedule a showing through their innovative ‘one-click’ booking system — so you never lose a booking again!

automation the future of rental tours dashq guest card

Tenant Communication

Lead follow-up and tenant communication are some of the most critical aspects of your business. A streamlined and automated CRM enables leasing professionals to communicate effectively with leads from inquiry to renewal. DashQ’s innovative AI-powered software creates guest cards automatically while instantly syncing important customer data to your lease manager — so you have more time to focus on providing a stellar customer service experience.

“With advances in technology, it’s possible for leads anywhere in the world to take a Facetime tour, view floor plans or receive a notification when their desired unit is available,” explains Zev, “Empowering tenants to make confident and informed decisions makes it easier for leasing professionals to increase customer satisfaction and close deals.”

automation the future of rental tours Optimized Scheduling

The modern multifamily landlord must provide tenant-centric and data-driven customer service. That means being able to attract and retain tenants while also rapidly responding to their questions and needs. Managing the time of everyone involved in the leasing process can be challenging, and waiting for a prospect to call is no longer an effective method of securing new tenants. Integrated automation software empowers reliable communication between leasing agents and leads while providing valuable analytics on how well each prospect is being served.

According to Zev Kershman, “leasing automation helps deliver a better experience for everyone. “Leasing professionals benefit greatly from seeing a prospect’s entire journey through the leasing funnel. Combining this easy-to-access data with automated responders and a streamlined workflow makes it much easier for landlords to deliver a seamless customer experience.” 

DashQ’s Smart Scheduler feature can save leasing professionals valuable time by connecting them directly with prospects and optimizing their booking schedules. Smart Scheduler’s innovative workflow features automated system notifications, such as appointment reminders and scheduling updates — so no tenant gets left behind!

Enhanced Customer Experience

Your online presence is your internet business card — and a potential renters’ first impression of your brand and professionalism. Integrating DashQ’s Smart Scheduler software with an optimized website is the best way to generate quality leads and increase your ROI! AI-powered leasing software enables leasing reps to optimize their showing schedule, generate automated leases, and, most importantly, provide an enhanced customer experience from the first point of contact!

Self-Guided Tours

Self-guided tours are a secret weapon in the leasing game. The demand for self-guided touring has increased significantly over the past several years, and top operators in the leasing industry have quickly adapted to suit the needs of today’s customers. Not only do self-guided tours reduce wait times for prospective tenants, but they also save property managers valuable time — increasing revenue and operational efficiency without hiring additional staff.

As the wheel of innovation keeps turning, the development of new technologies can help multifamily landlords attract and retain tenants, improve their ROI, and boost their bottom line. Every switch from manual to automation gives leasing professionals more time to focus on enhancing customer experience and business growth.

If you’re a multifamily landlord who wants to streamline your workflow and achieve industry-leading efficiency, click here to learn more about the benefits of automation and tenant engagement software.

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