Personalized Tenant Experience in the Multifamily Industry – Turn Tenants into Raving Fans

Nowadays, offering personalized customer service is not an extra: it is the baseline. From how they take their coffee to their grocery delivery experience, consumers know what they want, whenever they want and expect immediate gratification. These standards have become part of the multifamily industry as well where a consistent tenant experience is expected.

Your tenant experience is just as important as the quality of the apartments you are offering. Nobody enjoys spending hours trying to reach customer service and explaining the same issue repeatedly, now less than ever. With the development of technology, tenants have come to expect their property management to be available and responsive at all times, starting from the first contact.

According to a Twilio survey, 45% of consumers are willing to take their business elsewhere if a company fails to provide a personalized experience. So, how can your property management company secure tenant satisfaction by providing customized service while fulfilling landlords’ expectations?

Personalized Tenant Experience in the Multifamily Industry

Leveraging AI Technology

The good news is that you do not need to remember every detail about every renter to offer tenant personalization. Artificial intelligence (AI) allows all the actors in your property management company team to keep notes in real-time for future reference.

AI-enabled software can keep track of and collect a vast amount of data for easy consultation. It may include information regarding the apartment itself, such as public transit options in the surrounding area or any feature that may interest potential renters, to tenant preferences, making it an essential tool for multifamily marketing.

Automatically monitoring this essential information and enabling the front office teams to get insight into resident satisfaction and expectation can improve conversion. It also streamlines their day-to-day operations, saving time and money in the process. AI technology is particularly helpful for retaining existing tenants and encouraging them to renew their leases following a good tenant experience.

Using AI Centralized Leasing for Consistent Tenant Experience & Satisfaction

One of the best features of an AI centralized leasing system is that it allows keeping track of which channels tenants prefer to use to communicate.

“Long gone are the days of sticking to your desk phone to offer stellar tenant experience.  Nowadays, tenants use multiple forms of contact, whether it is SMS, voice messages, Whatsapp, video or email. Keeping track of all communications in one place is essential to ensure tenant satisfaction,” William Ratte, CTO at DigiRealty Technologies.

A centralized leasing system empowers each team member in their efforts to provide a good tenant experience. Since many actors are involved in the leasing and management process, offering a unified inbox allows anyone to communicate with the tenants while keeping track of the progression of each task and preventing communication black holes that can lead to frustration for all parties involved.

Cutting down on the back and forth saves time and money, freeing each team member’s time to work on other tasks while ensuring that any issue is resolved in a timely manner to ensure tenant satisfaction.

Personalized Tenant Experience in the Multifamily Industry

Embracing Flexible Tours

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, offering flexible tour options has become a critical multifamily marketing tool.

“In-person assisted tours used to be the standard when leasing a new apartment. However, we have seen a significant increase in potential tenants requesting alternative options to visit a new place. Offering flexible tour options can be a deciding factor for some,” William.

In the wake of the pandemic, prospective tenants may be hesitant to meet with representatives of your leasing team in person. Others may be put out by the idea of fitting an appointment into their busy schedules. Finally, some may be relocating and may not be available for an in-person meeting.

Whether virtual, video, in-person or self-guided tours, allowing leads to choose their preferred model shows your property management company’s will to embrace tenant personalization and increases your chances of conversion.

Personalized Tenant Experience in the Multifamily Industry

Incorporating Tenant Experience to Improve your Bottom Line

Focusing on tenant experience may seem like a marketing gimmick. However, ensuring residents’ satisfaction can help you increase your conversion rate, minimizing the loss of income between tenants while can also contribute to reducing tenant turnover.

If you are a landlord or property management looking for options to improve tenant personalization to bring the return on investment of your multifamily buildings to the next level, click here to find out more about how you can leverage resident personalization to grow your business.

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